Review: PC Financial MasterCard

PC Financial MasterCard Review

PC Financial MasterCard

President’s Choice Financial a top Canadian credit card issuer offers three credit cards, of which PC Financial MasterCard is one of the cards they offer. All the three cards offered by President’s Choice Financial including the PC Financial MasterCard have many similarities except for the reward points which varies across the three cards.

The PC Financial MasterCard is the first card issued by President’s Choice Financial until recently when they introduced two new cards, The PC Financial World MasterCard and The PC Financial Elite World MasterCard. PC Financial MasterCard is the lowest card being offered by President’s Choice Financial as it comes with little to no requirement.

PC Financial MasterCard is perceived as an entry level rewards card for those who shop at Loblaw-owned stores, aside from that, the PC Financial MasterCard is also one of the best balance transfer card in Canada with sign-up incentives that comes with it. At 0.97% in customers can transfer their balance for the first six months.

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Pros and Cons of PC Financial MasterCard


Like every other PC Financial credit card, the PC Financial MasterCard comes with $0 annual fee and a promotional 0.97% balance transfer for in customers in their first 6 months. The card also as a reward point of 10 points per dollar spent using your credit card.

Unlike other reward credit card in the Canadian market, the pc optimum point is one of the easiest reward points to calculated as 10,000 points equal $1. Cardholders can easily check their PC points and redeem it the cast point when shopping.


With an interest rate of 19.97% and 22.97% interest rate on cash advance, the PC Financial MasterCard have one of the highest interest rate in the market. This card isn’t advisable for those that carry much credit on their card.

Using the PC Financial MasterCard, there is certainly benefit you won’t be a privilege to like: 27/4 concierge, travel emergency medical insurance and identity theft assistance service, unlike the PC Financial World Elite card.

This card is targetted at those that shop more often at Loblaw store or affiliate stores. So, if you’re not a frequent customer of Loblaw you met consider going for other reward credit cards.

PC Optimum Point

PC optimum point is the merger of two Canadian point program, PC Plus, and Shoppers Optimum. The PC optimum point serves as a great way for you to earn reward point which can be redeemable at all participating Loblaw Companies and affiliates.

PC Optimum point is the reward point gain when you make use of your PC Financial MasterCard or other PC Financial credit cards like the World MasterCard and the Elite World MasterCard.

How to Earn PC Points

You can earn point using your PC Financial MasterCard to make purchases. With the PC Financial MasterCard, you earn 10-20 points on every dollar spent at their participating stores. Also, you earn 25 points on every dollar spent at Shoppers Drug Mart and 20 points on every dollar at PC Travels.

How to Redeem PC Optimum Points

The PC optimum point is one of the easiest reward points to redeem. All points earned using your credit card can be redeemed at grocery stores like Loblaws, Superstore, No Frills and at Joe Fresh clothing stores.

Note that, PC optimum points can only be redeemed if it reaches a minimum of 10,000 points. With one PC optimum point valued at $0.001, 10,000 will equal $10.

Meaning 20,000 points = $20 free rewards

Required Income and Spending

Being the most basic credit card offered by President’s Choice Financial the PC Financial MasterCard comes with little to no requirement at all. The PC Financial MasterCard has no minimum or spending requirement unlike the other two PC Financial credit cards.

A minimum of $60,000 personal income and $15,000 annual spending is required to upgrade your PC Financial MasterCard to World MasterCard.

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Additional Benefits

Like every other reward credit card, the PC Financial MasterCard also has some added benefits that make it stand out in the market.

No Annual Fee
0.97% Balance Transfer (for new customers)
21 days interest-free grace period
Emergency replacement card or cash advance
4 free additional cards
Free Purchase Assurance in case of theft, loss or damage in the first 90 days

Final Thought

If you are a frequent shopper within all Loblaw network of stores it is highly recommended you hold the PC Financial MasterCard as it will put back money into your pocket for every dollar spent.

Before you consider coming for this card you need to also put it at the back of your mind the 19.97% interest rate. There are also other reward credit cards in the market so checking through to see the one that best suit your financial life is key.


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    • Hello Dipak, your PC Financial MasterCard can be use to purchase air ticket to any of your prefer destination in the world as long as the vendor issuing the ticket accepts MasterCard as a mode of payment