Review: Great Canadian Rebates

Review: Great Canadian Rebates

Great Canadian Rebates

Great Canadian Rebates is one of the best if not the best rebate website in Canada. Having been around for a long time, Great Canadian Rebates as prove to Canadians that shopping online can be so much rewarding. With Great Canadian Rebates, you will get to earn a cash-back on each of your purchases online.

The company (Great Canadian Rebates) which was founded in 2005 has grown up to be one of Canadian online shopping destination. The company has grown its user base to over 150,000 members, and it has over 700 retailers on its portfolio offering wide varieties of product which cut across all categories.

Registered member on the Great Canadian Rebates platform can earn a certain amount on their online purchases based on the retail partner or fixed payment levels for a given promotion. This concept isn’t new, but GCR is making it available to only the Canadian market. Let have more insight into what Great Canadian Rebates and how they operate.

What is Great Canadian Rebates?

Great Canadian Rebates is a Canadian base cash back and rebate website design for Canadians. In this highly competitive internet world where online stores are offering incentives to affiliate websites for leading customers to their site, Great Canadian Rebates is one of those affiliate websites, but what makes GreatCanadianRebates.Ca so unique is that they split the commission earn with you the customers who make the purchase.

What this means is that you will get a specified commission for making your online purchases through the Great Canadian Rebates platform. This kind of setting benefits all the parties involved.

GCR: Generate revenue through affiliate sales.

Retailer: Generate sale through the GCR platform.

You: You’ll get free cash back for making an online purchase through the GCR platform.

How does Great Canadian Rebates Work

As earlier mentioned, Great Canadian Rebates offer cash back to members who make purchases through their platform. For instance, you want to make a purchase on, rather than going straight to, simply login first to your GCR account, then click on the link of the store you want to make the purchase.

When you make a purchase, the retail store will pay Great Canadian Rebates a certain commission for directing you to their store and GCR will also pay you for making a purchase through their site which is a win-win situation for all parties involved.

The reward you earn is an added benefit to you for doing nothing different aside from just going through GCR to make your purchase. This benefit can add up to a considerable amount especially if you also use a cash back credit card like the Rogers MasterCard for your purchase. Check out my guild on the best credit card in Canada to better optimize your earnings.

Great Canadian Rebates Credit Card

The fascinating thing about GCR is their credit card offer. They offer enormous cashback reward for new credit cards sign ups using their referral links. GCR has over 60 credit cards of different categories available on their website which includes: Scotiabank SCENE® VISA card, American Express AeroplanPlus Card, Tangerine Money-Back Credit Card and Scotia Momentum® No-Fee VISA card.

GCR Merchants and their Cash Back Rebate Amount

Below are the list of notable Great Canadian Rebates merchants and their cash back percentage.

Name of Merchant             Cash Back (%)                      Name of Merchant             Cash Back (%)                  2.5%                                                         10%

Acer Canada                       2.5%                                                      2.5%

Adidas Canada                   4.0%                                       Canadian Tire                      2%                    2.5%                                       eBay Canada                      1.5%

Nike                                        2%                                          Trend Savvy                         4%

…and hundreds of others.

How to get Paid from Great Canadian Rebates

GCR offer three options in paying their member you have collected cash back.

eGift Card: You can select the option of a gift card as a mode of payment, and the minimum requirement varies depending on which card you choose. (Amazon gift card requirement is at least $3.00)

PayPal: Personally, this is my best preferred option. You can request your payment to be paid to your PayPal account as long as you’ve reached the minimum requirement of $5

Cheque: You can ask for a cheque payment if you’ve reached the minimum requirement of $30

But note that Great Canadian Rebates, send out their payment after a 55-day waiting period between the moment you make the purchase. For instance, if your rebates are posted into your account in March, you will only be eligible for cash out on or after May 25.

How Great Canadian Rebates compare to Other Cash Bach Sites

No doubt Great Canadian Rebates is one of the dominant players of cash back website in Canada but, how does it compare with is close competitors like and Swagbucks. like GCR is a cash back website which lunch in Canada in 2012 after her parent company has been operating for years in the US. According to a statement on their website, as given out over $40 million cash back to Canadian since 2012. Ebates like Great Canadian Rebates has over 700 retailers in its portfolio

They have to mode of payment either by PayPal, eGift card or via a cheque. Their payment is being paid every quarter.

Features on

  • You will earn $5 sign up bonus
  • It has a dedicated gift card store for cash back reward
  • It allows you to shop on our preferred online store

Swagbucks is also a cash back website, but unlike GCR and Ebates, it does not base it cash back on online purchases alone as it rewards members for taking surveys, finding a great deal or watching entertaining videos. Swagbucks is a great place to earn reward in a variety of ways.

Points earn of Swagbucks can only be redeemed for gift cards, unlike GCR and Ebates that offers cash payout. Although, Swagbucks points can be redeemed as PayPal cards which can be converted to cash if you redeem it using your PayPal account.

Features on Swagbucks

  • It has a broader option for cash back
  • It offers over 1,500 retail partners
  • Points can be earned in diverse ways like watching videos online or taking an online survey.

Final Verdict

With Great Canadian Rebates, all parties involved get to win. You’ll get free cash back on all your online purchases plus you get $2 as welcome bonus. Just sign up with Great Canadian Rebates and always try to login being making an online purchase.

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