Cash Back Site Comparison: Great Canadian Rebates Vs.

Site like Great Canadian Rebates and Ebates have made online shopping so much reward especially in Canada. These websites ensure you get some special shopping discount, coupons, and cash back reward by going through their portals on your way to your online retail stores like or

Most time, a customer doesn’t just enjoy the cash back but also enjoy special discounts on their purchases. Great Canadian Rebates and Ebates don’t just offer cashback reward for making online shopping through their portal but also provides cash back for booking of hotel rooms on and applying for credit cards.

While Great Canadian Rebates as being around for quite some time, Ebates which is a Japanese firm open its Canada service in 2012. Both GreatCanadianRebates and are design entirely for Canadian customers to earn cash back on all their online purchases made using their website.

If you are not too informed about the rebate site and how they work, you’re at the right place. In this article, I’ll explain how rebate site works, compare the two biggest rebate sites in Canada (GreatCanadianRebates and, and how to make money using a rebate cashback site.

Great Canadian Rebates

Founded in 2005, Great Canadian Rebates as goes on to be a big player in the cash back industry in Canada. The site is Canadian owned and similar to Ebates, they offer a cash reward to users who pass through their portal to make their purchases.

The site has over 500 retailers, and their collection of merchants continue to grow with over 700 merchants in total serving their 150,000 registrants across Canada. Just like most cashback site, Great Canadian Rebates reward members who go through their portal and click through to one of the partner merchants, like,,, or to make their purchases.

Great Canadian Rebates will pay you a certain amount upon confirmation of your purchase. You met be worrying how they make what they pay you. Great Canadian Rebates earn money through an affiliate program, online stores offer a commission to them for directing customers to their site but what makes GCR so unique is that they don’t just keep all the commission instead they share with you who make the purchase through their portal.

What makes Great Canadian Rebates standout is their cash back reward for applying of credit card using their platform. Use can earn up to $75 if your application is approved but make sure you’re going for the best possible credit card that suits your spending habit. They also offer promotional cash bonuses when you refer someone to their website. That is you will earn 15% cash back from the referral purchases for five full years.

Once the cashback is paid into your account, you can request for payout either by PayPal, eGift card or cheque provided your cash back balance exceeds the minimum $30.

Great Canadian Rebates Features

  • It’s owned and operates in Canada.
  • They have more incentives than most of their competitors.
  • They’ve been in the game for a long time.
  • They offer a comprehensive marketplace for members to sign up for credit cards, offering cash rebates.
  • 15% referral bonus pays out for five years.

Ebates is a U.S. company owned by a Japanese firm Rakuten. Ebates first makes its debut to the Canadian market in 2012 after which the company goes on to be one of Canadian best cash back rebate site. According to their website, they’ve paid out over $49 million in cash back to their 4.1 million users across Canada who are being served by their growing retailers who currently stand at over 750 retailers.

Similar to Great Canadian Rebates, Ebates offers a cash reward to users who pass through their portal to make their purchases. Ebates will reward users who go through their portal and click through to one of the partner merchants, like,,, or to make their purchases.

Upon confirmation of your purchases, Ebates will credit your account with a certain percentage as cash back from everything you buy. Unlike Great Canadian Rebates that pays its users monthly, Ebates users can only cash out once every three months in the form of a cheque or PayPal payment. Features

  • You can shop for items online, and pick them up in-store.
  • Earn cash back discount on Ebates dedicated gift card store, with free shipping on gift cards purchased.
  • You’ll get a $5 sign up bonus.

How to Get the Most Out of Cash Back Rebate Sites

Shop with a Cash Back Credit Card

Using a cash back credit card on a rebates site like Ebate and Great Canadian Rebates will only maximize your saving. For instance, if you use Roger World Elite Mastercard which gives 1.75% cash back to make a purchase using a rebates site, you will get more reward while minimizing your spending. You met what to see the long list of cash back credit card in Canada if you don’t have any.

Compare Sites

Most Canadians widely know Great Canadian Rebates and Ebates but, other cashback sites offer great reward. You met want to check out 2 to 3 sites to see which one offers the best reward for your purchases.

Seasonal Offers

To entice shopper and users, most cash back rebate site offers lucrative ideas during seasonal periods like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and New Year deals.

Final Verdict

Rebates site like Ebates and Great Canadian Rebates are a great source of making money on your spending. They allow you to shop at all your favorite online retailers and also pay you for doing so.

Build up the habit of going to this rebate website first, whenever you want to make an online purchase it will help you save up more.

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